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About us

GUKI CELLARS Japan K.K. is dedicated to provide wine lovers with "BEST WINES".

GUKI CELLARS Japan K.K. was founded in 2011 by Guntram Kintzel. In 1963, Kintzel started as a salesman for Germany's biggest winery. He arrived in Japan in 1969 to establish the company's first overseas business after having previously set up and managed operations in Italy and France from 1964 to 1969. By the time he retired the Japanese subsidiary had become the largest foreign owned wine importer with over 500 employees. It had also become the reputed leader of the high-end wine market in Japan. Over the years he also established and/or directed successful business operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea. 

Encouraged by family, friends and former business partners looking to continue the relationship which they developed with him through his successful business career in the International wine-trade for over 40 years, Kintzel decided to establish GUKI CELLARS.

Having been in the wine business for four decades, Kintzel is aware of how much customers value personal relationship, service and trust. However, times change and with it expectations and habits. With the Internet and social networks the world, and with it the world of wines, has changed. People have also become ever more quality and price conscious. GUKI CELLARS was created with the intent to use the Internet as an efficient and low cost provider of information exchange while maintaining the world of personal relationship, real friends and human warmth as something we still seek and need and which makes the world of wines such a pleasant and generous one.
GUKI CELLARS' principal aims are to:

  • Provide an environment where wine lovers can find and share their passion for good wines
  • Be the recognized leading purveyor of excellent quality wines at best prices
  • Excel in anything it undertakes and provide impeccable services 

GUKI CELLARS staff are passionate about wines and people. Those working in product or customer related assignments often possess many years of experience in the domaine of wines.

Try us. We guarantee you will be satisfied.

Our definition of BEST WINES is wide ranging and does not apply only to selecting wines which are well-known, highly acclaimed and, more often than not, highly priced.  GUKI CELLARS endeavors to provide its customers with BEST WINES in various price ranges.  To this effect our professional staff searche the world for excellent wines, has them tasted, analyzed and compared by professionals and passionate wine connoisseurs.  Those which make it to the top are offered to customers, at BEST PRICES. 

Try us. We guarantee you will be satisfied.  

Should something have gone wrong despite our efforts or should we have failed to uphold our commitments (or for any other reason), please let us know at or by fax at (045) 623-7906 or call us at (045) 232-4499.  We shall remedy the failure or take up your suggestion or the matter of concern without delay.

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