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The Beaucanon Estate belongs to the de Coninck family of Saint-Emilion (France). TRIFECTA (perfect triangle) wines are only made when three elements, human action, terroir and weather match perfectly to create this exceptional and rare wine.

Chateau Le Clos du Notaire

Naturally excellent is a good definition of the chateau's wines. The terroir is made up of Iron-rich gravel over fossil limestone, the same soil formation as of many top chateaux in Bordeaux. The good thing is you do not pay as much for the wine.

Chateau Michel de Montaigne

Over 480 years ago the estate belonged to France's greatest philosopher-writer Michel de Montaigne. Growing on the same limestone terroir as Saint-Emilion vines, the estate produces classic Bordeaux style wines of exceptional quality.

Soon it will be Glühwein time

Read how easy it is to make Glüehwein yourself and which wines to use.


For long Rose Wines were "Summer Wines". That has changed very much. Rose wines are now served all year. They are perfect for delicate and light dishes. No need to choose between a red or white wine. It is easy to be right both ways.

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